5 Tips To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Posts

Getting your Facebook followers to comment on your posts is critical to generating more brand engagement. Engaging your audience in a participatory community is essential to complement and streamline Inbound Marketing strategies, but not only that, a post with many interactions is the key for the algorithm of this social network to provide greater visibility to your content.

How do you get more participation? Motivating the desire to share experiences, opinions, and ideas. Here are some tips:

1.- Ask open questions

To generate authentic interest in the audience, the content you publish must be varied, not only focused on selling but also on providing useful, entertaining information according to the interests of your buyer persona.

It is important that your publication (be it an image, video, article, etc.) is accompanied by a comment to give your brand a more human touch. If a question is asked in this comment, there will be a greater possibility that the user will be encouraged to respond and participate. The question must be focused on the type of audience but, in general, comply with the following to be effective:

  • Open question – That implies developing a broad answer; for example, what would you do in that situation? o What special occasion would you like to prepare this recipe for?
  • Simple and trending questions – Formulate questions that the audience can answer immediately that do not require complicated analysis, for example, Happy Mother’s Day! How are you celebrating mom today?

2.- Give your followers the opportunity to “brag.”

Mark Zuckerberg knew what he was doing when he created this popular social network. Everyone loves the ability to share with others the details of their day, their successes, the places they visit, and the good times with family and friends.

As a brand, you can take advantage of this by inviting people to share Facebook photos in the comments showing their pets, breakfast, workplace, their last vacation, etc.

3.- Complete sentences and title images

These exercises become a lot of fun, and anyone who sees it will be willing to participate.

Titles – You can place an image and ask users to give it a title.

Complete sentences – Put a sentence for them to complete, for example: If they gave me a trip to Paris for two people, I would go with______. Here, in addition to motivating participation, more people will be tagged, and you will get more visibility.

Multiple Choice – An image with multiple options where you ask the audience to choose from one of them. Like the classic one with different moods in which they ask how you feel today or those in which you create a funny name according to the initials of your first name, last name or day, month, and year of birth.

Regardless of the strategy you choose, it must go according to the image and tone of voice of your brand.

4.- Few words, attractive images

Although it is important to include a comment from the brand in each post, it has been proven, according to Techgyd, that the posts with the best response from users are those whose text is between 80 and 100 letters long.

On the other hand, don’t forget that social network users don’t go to them expecting you to sell them something; rather, they come with the intention of being entertained, informed of the latest trends, or being in contact with their family and friends. The images on your fan page should be compelling enough to rival a photo of a new baby or a family vacation at the beach.

5.- Answer each comment

The best way to engage your followers, motivate participation, and make them feel part of a community is to respond to their comments. With this, they will see your brand as someone who cares about what they have to say and celebrates their good ideas. Always remember to respond respectfully and attentively, even with negative expressions, and maintain a tone consistent with the brand.

Remember that Inbound Marketing seeks to delight users with information that adds value to them. A Facebook fan page should not be a space for one-way communication and content that only talks about your brand, but rather a community that your followers feel part of, with information that they feel identified with and motivates them to participate.