7 Types Of Posts On Facebook To Get More Comments

Managing and boosting a corporate page on Facebook takes time, dedication, and a lot of originality! However, many times we do not get the publications to get the desired interaction, and they pass unnoticed through the walls of our followers. You may want to buy Facebook comments but just know there are many other options to get comments!

Photographs With Phrases, Questions, Or Reflections

The combination of image and typography, in the purest poster style, does not usually fail. Although it is true that it pushes more “likes” and shares, you can always combine questions and images to encourage comments on the publication.

Original Corporate Photos

We always say that social networks are not to talk about our brand, company, or business all day. However, we can integrate our product and service... on a daily basis or with an original photograph. This technique often works best when accompanied by hashtags, questions, or calls to action.

Articles On "How To" Or Show Behind The Scenes Of The Business

If we have a community that follows our brand or product, we must try to make it "part" of the company. One of the most effective actions for this is to show the day-to-day, behind the scenes, and the "how to do it" of the company. Thus, little by little, we become "friends" with our followers, and they begin to grow fond of the company.

Fill In The Gap In Question Facebook Comments

Many companies are committed to launching questions or comments with blank spaces that users can fill in with their tastes, needs, suggestions, etc.

  • The best trip of my life has been to___
  • The most exotic dish I have tried has been___

We must be careful with this type of publication, and they should only be made sporadically and because the phrase is related to our business, sector, or product (we are not going to ask just to ask).

Viral Content

Every day we come across videos or photos worthy of being shared because they are funny, curious, spectacular, or exciting. Let's take advantage of this type of viral content to share it with our followers, as long as it is related to our sector or company philosophy.

Open The Heart Of Your Company: Tell A Personal Story In Comments

Very similar to teaching behind the scenes of the business or the "how to do it," telling personal stories related to your company or business always makes followers have a greater affinity with the company. Sometimes, these stories, or Facebook comments, will come from the workers but also from how users have "lived" their experience with your service or product.

Many companies have a physical headquarters or direct their activity to an audience in a specific city, province, or country. Many brands share their attendance at traditional fairs, cultural events, or specific events to show their attachment to a place and their connection with it. Followers usually respond very positively to all the comments.