How To Activate The Option To Reply To Comments On Facebook Pages

As we are used to, Facebook once again implements changes in the way users and administrators act within this social network. On this occasion, a change that improves the experience of users and owners of fan pages when making and responding to comments on fan pages.

The change, which was originally announced last week, and last night I could see that Facebook offered it to me as a novelty, promises an experience like the following:

Previously, instead of being able to “reply” to a message within the post directly, it was necessary to make a new comment, often by placing the “@” + username, to notify the user that the brand had replied to them.

Activating this option is done in 2 simple ways, which I will show you below:

Steps to activate direct responses to comments on Facebook fan pages

The first step is to go to the top of the page, select the option “Edit page,” and then “Edit settings”:

When you are inside the settings page, go to the bottom and select the option to “Allow replies to comments on my page,” as shown below:

Select “Edit,” and then:

As Facebook indicates, the option to reply can be used by anyone, which I understand can be a double-edged sword: it will serve to better guide the conversation as if it were a forum, but I also imagine that in this way, a fan who comments can be subject to certain attacks (more direct now) from the rest of the fans. This can happen when the fan comments on something inappropriate, silly, or in some cases, even when he wins a contest.

Important, the option to reply in a chain is not available from mobile. If you are going to reply to a Facebook comment from your cell phone, you must use the @ technique and the name of the person you are going to reply to.

What do replies to Facebook comments look like?

Depending on the number of replies to comments, Facebook will show whether you expanded/unfolded or not. Below is the same example in both states:

Something important: The option will appear in the new publications you make; it does not apply to past publications.

One point that has emerged after other users have tested this feature is that comments are not sorted chronologically but are sorted by relevance, similar to EdgeRank. In this post by Jorge Avila de tres en social, it is explained in detail; seeing it like this could be confusing and affect the user experience.

In general, I think it is a useful contribution, it may not impact many pages, but I understand that it probably improves the experience of fan pages and helps community managers and administrators of fan pages to do a better job of support, orientation, and communication with the user community.

How to respond or reply to comments on Facebook?

Apart from knowing that if it is on mobile, you must reply with “@” and the username and that on computers, you must use the “Reply” option; I can give you some ideas on how to respond to comments:

– Always use a pleasant tone but typical of the brand: If your brand has a defined tone (what the brand is like its personality, and how it speaks), it will be shown here.

– You must be assertive: if you have a call to action (come and register, visit us, call us, enjoy it, etc.), make sure to use it in your response.

– Correct Spelling and Grammar: Make sure to use commas, signs ¡ and ¿, and above all, the correct spelling. Also, remember that as a brand, the “we” is used instead of “I” do not forget this!