Tired of The Negative Comments on Facebook and Instagram? Do This Instead.

If already in the real world there are people capable of making you blush with their lack of respect and education, imagine yourself on social networks under anonymity. Commenting on the Internet is free, and many times this is an advantage. The problem comes when negative comments arrive. But don’t worry, we are going to give you some super tricks to manage this type of comment that makes us so nervous and nervous.

Social media brings out the best and the worst in us. That is why the first thing we are going to recommend is that you take your time to respond (or not) to negative comments. It is important that you empathize with the person behind the comment because they deserve it; they are your clients.

There are comments that, no matter how much we try to be understanding, are not cool because they are poorly expressed, because despite being a real problem for the client, they have lost their way or are simply a troll. Then you have several options that we will detail below.

Restrict accounts on Facebook to hide negative comments

It does nothing that Instagram has added this option, and the truth is that it is super useful because when restricting a user, he will not notice that you have done it, but his comments will stop appearing on your posts for other users, Only you and he will see them. He will also not be able to see when you are connected in private messages and whether or not you have read his messages. One pass, right? Plus, it’s super easy to set up.

Facebook profanity filter to hide negative comments

Settings > general settings > profanity filter

Facebook also offers you some options to manage this type of content, and the profanity filter is one of them. You can only access it if you are an administrator of the page in question. You can activate it at two levels: moderate and high. Facebook will block words in your comments that are most frequently blocked, reported, or marked as offensive. Depending on the level you have chosen, a “sanction” or another will be applied to the comment.

Page moderation to hide negative comments

Settings > general settings > page moderation

With this tool that Facebook offers us, we can write a list of “taboo” words that we do not want to allow in our community. We recommend that you write both the plural and the singular of these words. In this way, the comments that have these words will be marked as spam, and your community will not be able to see them.

Hide post comment

Comment on the profile > click on the options dots > hide the comment.

All comments have the option to hide them individually. The person who wrote it would continue to see it, and so will you, but not your followers. In our opinion, this option is always better than deleting a comment.

May your last option be to block

Our recommendation is that blocking be your “request last” option. Keep in mind that if someone is just looking to annoy, another account will be created from which to make their comments.